"Atlast" from Wish & Wash.

For Alex.

Just a preview of the first track of a new album in the works. The spoken sample is taken from the movie “Pierrot Le Fou” which the album is loosely based off.

More to come, enjoy!

New video of the song “Diamonds In Our Eyes” from Empty Mysticism. Footage from archive.com.

The new single “Surrealist Dreams” from the new album Empty Mysticism.

Cover for the new album called “Empty Mysticism”

Cover for the new album called “Empty Mysticism”

One of my new songs, called “All Is Needed…”

I recently started uploading some songs on Soundcloud check them out. The Remnant album is now ready for listening.

Written and recorded by Henri Owl in the Fall of 2010. A tribute to the Alfred Hitchcock movie “Rear Window”. Off of the album Remnant.

Music video for the song “River Raft” off the album Remnant.

Edited by Henri Owl, using stock footage from Archive.org.

Music video for the song “Alkali” from the album Remnant.

Filmed and produced by Henri Owl.